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24/7 Customer Support


24/7 Customer Support

About us

Who is Elixir Networks and what type of clients do we work with?

Elixir Networks was founded in 1997 for one reason: To help businesses with multiple locations and a remote workforce to remove every technical frustration, obstacle and inefficiency. No one does it better!

Here are 4 reasons why:

  • We provide complete solutions – not sell you individual products. Our solutions include all the service, support, hardware and software you need to run your business.
  • We use a “flat-fee” pricing structure that brings you unlimited support. Our unique pricing model allows your company to easily and effectively budget for IT cost. There are no surprises at the end of the month and no more hourly billing
  • We give you a U.S. based Help Desk. Call us as much as you want for technical assistance, our certified engineers are here to assist you.
  • We make your IT work WITHOUT excuses.

Elixir Networks is proud to be continually recognized for our accomplishments in the IT Services Industry. Our innovative and award winning company is enhanced by the dedication and hard work of our awesome team, loyal clients and strategic partners.

We work with a wide range of clients varying in size from a few to several hundred employees. We have numerous clients in professional industries including Legal, Accounting, Medical, Real Estate Development and Engineering, Retail, Banking, Education and more.

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